Envirosystems Continues to Lead the Industry

With over
Years of industry experience

  • Envirosystems has been a leader in the Industrial Dust Collectors, Surface Treating, Mining, and Under Ground Tunnel industries since 1987. Our company and products provide environmentally friendly dust collection solutions for industrial air filtration and surface coating removal clients worldwide. With 14 US patents, Envirosystems’ equipment offers more than superior performance at a lower energy usage. We provide dust collection and blasting equipment options for the industry’s toughest problems.
  • Multi Function 28W x 20H x 75L AMU and 240K CFM
  • HDPS Blast System
  • Continual improvement and quality products are the company’s hallmarks. To date, Envirosystems has been granted 14 US and foreign patents and 15 trademarks. Starting as a small strip center for local aircraft facilities, Envirosystems has quickly grown into a multimillion dollar manufacturing company with an international customer base. Envirosystems’ dry media blasting equipment provides solutions for industries such as aircraft de-painting, powder coating, and automobile repair. Our dust collector units fulfill hundreds of applications like Mining, Underground Tunnels, Welding, Foundry Ventilation, Coating Removal, and Sanding. We carry an extensive product line for all of industry’s ventilation and blasting needs.

Carrying multiple equipment lines, we satisfy the demands for all surface treatment and air filtration applications. The StripMaster Series offers the very best of surface preparation and dry media paint stripping equipment. Our AirWall equipment consistently outperforms the competition. Whether the demands are coating removal, surface preparation, dust collection, air pollutions capture, or isolation, and we offer green manufacturing solutions.

Envirosystems clients include many Fortune 500 Companies who repeatedly specify our unique cost effective coating removal and dust collection systems. They turn to us time and time again for one simple reason; we sell solutions not equipment. Let us help you solve your dust collection or coating removal problems.

Our dust collection equipment also features low horse power electric motors. These units consume a fraction of the energy of traditional dust collecting units. This energy reduction translates into dramatically reduced energy costs. This may also provide additional benefits if caps for carbon emissions are put into place by Congress. The equipment has the potential to qualify for carbon credits with plans currently under consideration. The benefits of our equipment are both economical and environmental.