Project specific solutions tailored to your exact needs!

Envirosystems is a leader in industrial ventilation and dry media blasting. Our AirWall dust collection equipment leads the industry in providing superior performance, reliability and reduced cost of operation. Our versatile, AirWall dust collection systems can provide cost effective solutions for general air filtration, industrial dust collection and surface coating removal at a fraction of the cost of traditional collectors. Our AirWalls are designed to filter and clean contaminated air and vent the air, back inside your building. This is critical in operations that require climate process controlled environments. Additionally, AirWall Units reduce or eliminate the cost associated with a traditional dust collector that requires point source collection with capture hoods and ducting. AirWall units provide significant overall energy savings due to the their high efficiency design, low horse power ffans and patented large baffled inlet. Because of the AirWall units unique design most air quality permitting and NFPA requirements are precluded, allowing your company to operate in a more environmentally responsible manner without regulatory headaches and oversight.
Envirosystems-MiningEnvirosystems has developed several types of roadheader scrubbers including both Dry and Wet collectors. We can designe a custom “ride along” unit or one that sits nearby and collects dust, mud and spray as it comes off the cutter head. Give us a call and let’s talk about your application.
TBM Scrubber

Envirosystems has designed several TBM scrubbers for specific projects, and would welcome an opportunity to talk to you about yours. We have designed TBM dry scrubbers for TBM’s from 1M to 5.5M in diameter. We can design to locate outside the gantry or inside the trailing gear and are very flexible with regard to volume required. Volumes above 30,000 CFM are not out of the question. We can now provide both Dry and Wet collectors.

TBM Scrubber

The dry scrubber shown was used on a refurbished Robbins TBM and used a screw conveyor under the dust collection hopper which discharged collected debris to the invert, automatically, through a rotary air lock on an adjustable time schedule.

16K TBM Scrubber

This is a 16,000 CFM Dry Scrubber used on a refurbished 4M Atlas-Copco TBM used for a short section of the Bill Bishop Toronto City Airport Tunnel. It was mounted centrally on the trailing gear and since there was not enough overhead clearance to accomodate a screw conveyor and rotary airlock, it discharged automatically from a unique clamshell dump hopper, through the trailing gear floor to the invert. This scrubber collected dust from the cutter head as well as several conveyor drops.