Blasting Equipment

Abrasive Blasting Equipment Second To None

Operating Cost

Our abrasive reclaim units use high efficiency cyclone separators and the lowest horsepower air conveyors in the market. Our reclaim system is the most cost effective in the industry, especially for Plastic Media Blasting. That, coupled with the many labor reducing features of our StripMaster Blast System line equals more dollars to the bottom line.


StripMaster and LAB blast systems were designed primarily for the Plastic Media Blasting (PMB) industry. They were used for coating removal from sensitive substrates and are still being used today by the US Navy, AirForce and Army as well as several ANG units. They are also used by several large airlines including KAL in Pusan, North Korea and the Royal New Zealand Air Force. In the 80’s and 90’s several hundred StripMaster units were used by automotive shops for coating removal in support of auto manufacturer paint failure recalls.

Patented Design

Envirosystems was the first to offer operator remote control of blast pressure and media flow control from the blast handle. Those features and our patented, ergonomically designed blast handle combine to make our StripMaster and LAB equipment the most productive in the industry. Add to that our Patented, non-clogging, in floor recovery hoppers and you have the most efficient blast system on the market.


All standard LAB and StripMaster Systems include hard spiral ducting for media conveying, true tapered cone cyclone separators and powder coated equipment. Starndard Controls include UL Listed motor starters in NEMA 12 enclosures. There are many low cost options including automatic pressure controls and in-ground reclaim hoppers. Call us for a quote on your next system.


All our Blast Systems can be expanded by adding additional pots and larger hoppers.

Simple & Inexpensive

Not only does our spiral conveying duct reduce friction loss through the conveying line, but it moves media with a much smoother flow, reducing media loss and energy use. All that, and it lasts longer than urethante ducting and is less costly to replace as well.

Hassle Free Cleaning

Reclaiming is a snap with either the LAB or the SpritMaster systems. Conveying of media, whether Plastic, Glass Grit, ALOX or Steel Grit (GL60 and finer) is quick and easy. Hard abrasive kits for existing PMB machines are available also.

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