Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Our dust collection units provide a low operational cost, simple and inexpensive installation and automated hassle free cleaning.

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AirWall Dust Collection System

Stand-alone units that can be installed in an existing room or contamination control booth. Airflow capacities range from 4,000 to 16,000 cfm. per unit.

AWC Ventilation System

The AWC modules will connect to a remote fan(s) sized for the specific installation. Each AWC module can filter from 32,000 to 48,000 CFM.

CCB Contamination Control Booth

CCB systems are self-contained, stand alone work stations consisting of an integrated booth and one or more AirWall dust collection units.

ECO2R Dust Collection System

The ECO 2R is a compact, ceiling mounted dust collecting unit that can be powered using its own fan or may be connected to ducting for use in banks powered from a central point.

AWR Ventilation Units

AWR units are skid mounted portable AirWall Collection Systems. AWR’s are ideal for temporary or short term projects that require airborne particulate capture.

Large Process Enclosures

Custom designed booths for larger applications that require contamination control, or operations that need multi functionality such as sanding and washing.


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