Dust Collection Equipment

Our dust collection units provide a low operational cost, simple and inexpensive installation and automated hassle free cleaning.


Dust Collection System

The ECO 2R is a compact, ceiling mounted dust collecting unit that can be powered using its own fan or may be connected to ducting for use in banks powered from a central point.


Ventilation Units

AWR units are skid mounted portable AirWall Collection Systems. AWR’s are ideal for temporary or short term projects that require airborne particulate capture.


Large Process Enclosures

Custom designed booths for larger applications that require contamination control, or operations that need multi functionality such as sanding and washing.

About Us


From aerospace to foundry works and composite manufacturing, Envirosystems equipment is cleaning up the industry. For a solution to your dust collection problem, Envirosystems Manufacturing is the name to trust.

Carrying multiple equipment lines, we satisfy the demands for all surface treatment and air filtration applications. Our systems deal with coating removal, surface preparation, dust collection, air pollutant mitigation, as well as offer green manufacturing solutions.

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