Capture and Control Airborne Contaminants.

Extremely Low Operating Cost

Operating Cost

The AirWall provides a lower cost of operation. Equipped with energy efficient, low horsepower motors means you will minimize your energy costs by as much as 40 – 50%, compared to the horsepower required by most other equipment.


AirWall systems are very versatile and can be used as a standalone point source collector or mounted in a plenum to service entire or larger workspaces. AirWalls can be configured in numerous ways allowing them to adapt to just about any application. .

Patented Design

Our patented large area inlet enables the AirWall to operate with less airflow resistance. The unique front baffle design creates lower filter resistance extemding the life and efficiency of the filters while minimizing your filter replacement costs.


All standard AirWall packages will include a five-year limited warranty, single point electrical connection, fan and motor, filters, electrical controls and printed user/operator manual.

AirWall Sizing

Our AirWall’s are available in several sizes to meet your needs. Specifications and performance for each of our LD Series, MD Series or HD Series AirWalls are listed in the chart below.

AirWall Model   Air to Filter Ratio   Fan   Total Dimensions   No. of Filters   CFM   Filter Area Sq. Ft.   Shipping Weight
Mini DDT   6:01   1.5HP   24″W x 60″L x 34″H   6   2,000   300   900
LD SERIES                            
40 LD   1.9 to 1   3Hp   45″W x 45″D x 60″H   9   4,000   2160   1100
60 LD   2.8 to 1   5Hp   45″W x 45″D x 60″H   9   6,000   2160   1120
80 LD   3.7 to 1   7.5Hp   45″W x 45″D x 60″H   9   8,000   2160   1140
MD SERIES                            
60 MD   1.7 to 1   5Hp   80″W x 48″D x 60″H   15   6,000   3600   2080
80 MD   2.2 to 1   7.5Hp   80″W x 48″D x 60″H   15   8,000   3600   2100
100MD   2.8 to 1   10Hp   80″W x 48″D x 60″H   15   10,000   3600   2200
HD SERIES                            
100 HD   2.1 to 1   10Hp   80″W x 48″D x 96″H   20   10,000   4725   2700
120 HD   2.5 to 1   15Hp   80″W x 48″D x 96″H   20   12,000   4725   2890
160 HD   2.3 to 1   20Hp   80″W x 48″D x 96″H   30   16,000   6975   3050
AWC Series                            
AWC2   2.3 to 1   A/R   152″W x 48″D x 96″H   60   32,000   13950   5800
AWC3   2.3 to 1   A/R   227″W x 48″D x 96″H   90   48,000   20925   8600

  • Expandable

    AirWall units can be placed in a side-by-side configuration to handle even the largest facilities.

  • Simple & Inexpensive

    Costly duct work is eliminated allowing for reduced installation time and less facility modification.

  • Hassle Free Cleaning

    Integrated digital controls monitor the pressure drop across all filters and automatically sense when it’s time to self-clean.

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