Cartridge Filter, 80/20, Open/Closed



Envirosystems handles a complete line of replacement cartridge filters, not only for its own product line, but also those of our competitors.  The product shown in this photo is made with an 80% Cellulose, 20% Polyester blended filter media, and has a filtration efficiency, when seasoned, of 99.9% for particles less than 0.6 Micron.

*This cartridge may be ordered in custom lengths if required and will replace any similar sized filter on collectors of other Manufacturers.

Features include:

  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • High Strength
  • Medium Permeability
  • Cartridge size – 12.75” Dia by 26” long.
  • Open top with gasket surrounding an 8” outlet
  • Closed bottom with ½” bolt hole for support rod

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